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Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack

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Friday & Saturday: Starting at 9am

Players who play in any fixed limit game are eligible to win $50 if they hit an available hand of quads (4 of a kind).  The quads board payouts will be displayed on a television application within the poker room. The promo will begin at 9am and last until 9am the next day, or until all of the payouts are hit, whichever comes first. The first player to hit the available quads will win $50. Once a quad has been hit, it will set to zero and remain there until the start of the next eligible period.  


Only fixed limit Hold ’em and Omaha high games are eligible. Hold ’em players must use both hole cards to be eligible, but do not have to have a pocket pair. In the event that the same hand is hit on multiple tables simultaneously, the poker lead will determine via surveillance which hand started first; the earliest beginning hand will be the winner. Omaha players must use a pocket pair to be eligible. The hand must have started play during the eligibility period in order to be considered; hands that start before 9am will not be considered, even if they end after 9am.