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Tune in each week to hear our panel of recreational poker players talk about strategies, tips, etiquette, and more in the popular RecPoker Podcast. Enjoy interviews with top players, who share stories and insights about playing their favorite card games as they relax with the gang to relive their most exciting poker moments and memories.

Whether you’re looking for pro tips on how to improve your game or you’re curious about upcoming poker tournaments in Minnesota, this podcast makes it easy to stay connected and entertained—as you learn from the best players in town.

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Episode 409: Chats: Norman Chad on mixed games, fun in the booth, and a lot more!

This week Jim Reid and the panel interview the one and only Norman Chad about a host of subjects, from working with that jerk Lon to selecting his next glass of red wine – and beyond! Jim overcomes his usual technical issues just in time to ask Norman about getting his start in poker, why he loves mixed games so much, how recreational players like us can improve, being a poker insider – and Norman also shares some personal stories about dealing with depression and the value of community. You won’t want to miss this one!

Norman is active on Twitter as @normanchad

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
How to help us out – https://rec.poker/support/
Home Games – https://rec.poker/homegame/
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Episode 410: Forums: WSOP Travel Plans? (Eric)

This week, Jim Reid leads the panel through a forum post by Eric Anderson about preparing for a trip to WSOP or another major tournament or series. While battling it out against each other in the nightly home game, the panel discusses everything from player cards to bathroom locations to how to time your breaks to what to carry in your bag – and a LOT more! Come sign up for a free account at rec.poker today and get your own questions answered!


Forums: JJ in a tough spot (ImaLougi)
Chats: Rob Gardner on Creating, Playing, Learning, Teaching Poker!
Forums: Blind vs. Blind (Chris)
Chats: The WSOP experience, a Day 1 hand, and some strat chat!
Forums: Range Advantage (Rob)
Chats: Ace Poker on vlog life, recording live, limping, and more!
Forums: Downswings (Jacob)
Chats: Clayton Fletcher on TPE, bricking June, feedback, and more!
Forums: Fold Top Set? (John)
Chats: Sarah Stefan on Poker Power, teaching, railing, and more!
Forums: C-betting Out Of Position
Chats: Chris Fox” Wallace on HORSE, writing, cash games, and more!
Forums: WSOP Contest week 2
Chats: We’ve Got Matt Matros on “The Poker Brain”!
Forums: WSOP Contest week 1
Chats: John, Rob and Jim Catch Up on the Holiday Weekend!
Forums: Straddles (Tommy)
Chats: Kara Scott on The Heart of Poker – and more!
Forums: Thin OOP (Tommy)
Chats: Grant Denison and Jonathan Levy from The Breakdown!
Forums: King Jack Off (Chris)
Chats: Brad Wilson on Chasing Poker Greatness!
Forums: ICM (Rob)
Chats: Andrew Brokos on learning, playing, teaching, and Thinking Poker
Forums: Continuation Betting
Chats: Ian Simpson on turning pro, the value of community, travel, and more!
Forums: Bluffing (John)
Chats: Tommy Angelo on Poker Pain, Gurus, and…Star Trek?!
Forums: Slowplay? (John)
Chats: Dnegs on WSOP, pro vs. rec style, how to learn poker, and more!
Chats: Alec Torelli on getting the most out of poker!
Forums: Hand Reading (John)
Chats: Drew “BetOnDrew” Gonzalez
Forums: Early Tourney Spot (Rob)
Chats: David K Lappin on playing, writing…and cheating in poker!
Forums: Struggling with Volume (Weeeee)
Chats: Chad Holloway on PokerNews, WSOP, poker scandals. and more!
Forums: Blind vs Blind (Chris)
Chats: Chris “Fox” Wallace on writing, photography, and recreational poker players!
Forums: Live Reads (Taylor)
Chats: Dara O’Kearney on ICM, international play, and more!
Forums: 88 OOP (Rob)
Chats: Mike Patrick on reporting, WSOP, Ontario, and more!
Forums: Levels (John C)
Chats: Sky Matsuhashi on how to study, harnessing your passion and more!
Forums: Betting For Protection (Jack)
Chats: Evan “Gripsed” Jarvis on cash vs. tournaments, his many poker roles and his book!
Forums: Weird Action Shove (Stoyvind)
Chats: Jim Reid on a life of games, Steelers, stoicism, RecPoker, and more!
Forums: Busted Draws (Mark)
Chats: Kyna England on being the MSPT Player of the Year, Poker Power, and more!
Forums: Aggression with Equity (Mark)
Chats: Jake Hershfield on Unshuffled, Mixed Games, Challenges, and more!
Forums: JJ in a weird spot postflop (Rob)
Special Edition: Kevin Mathers on the WSOP Schedule Release!
Chats: Ryan Laplante on life in Vegas, chasing #1, and combating RTA!
Forums: AK in the UK
Chats: Karina Karagaeva on mindset, mental game, and poker in life!
Forums: Playing Your Range or Your Hand? (John)

Chats: Robbie Strazynski on a life of loving poker!!
Forums: QQ vs. the World (Chris)
Chats: Joe Stapleton and Josh Wilson on Comedy and NFTs!
Forums: Flopped Trips Multiway
Forums: Calling with AK (@7high11)
Forums: Weak TP OOP
Forums: Calling with AK (@7high11)
Chats: Gareth James on Coaching MTT Poker
Forums: Flop Strategy from Gareth James
Chats: Taylor Maas on meeting Steve, improving as a player, and growing into RecPoker!

Chat: John Somsky on AnteUp, RecPoker, and his love of games!
Forums: Our Range’s Runout (Taylor Maas)
Chat: Matt Savage on WPT, TDA, Vaccinations, and Community
Forums: Weird Action (Troy)
Chats: Jamie Kerstetter
Forums: Even MORE ICM Talk (Keith B)
Chat: Kevin Mathers on WSOP protocols, tips for new players. shooting your shot, and more! 
Forums: PokerTracker and Study Tools (Eric A)
Chats: Ben Yu
Forums: Final Table Hand (Chappo)
Barry Carter on Writing Poker
Forums: Facing a 3-Bet (MonkieSystem)
Chat: Joe Stapleton Shares His Story and What’s Next
Forums: Tightening Up and ICM (Monkiesystem)
Chat: Year in Review since launch of rec.poker website
Forums: Open Raise Sizing (MaxChaos)
Chat: Carlos Welch on WSOP Bracelet, Buying a House for his Mom & more
Forums: Live Late Stages (Jacob)
Chat: Mike Patrick on Mixed Games, PokerNews Reporting, and the WSOP
Forums: Blind vs. Blind (ARW)
Chat: Dara O’Kearney on WSOP, Satellites, and ICM
Forums: Stueyy Strong Draw OOP
RecRoom: Jim and Matt part 3
Chat: Martin Jacobson, 2014 WSOP Main Event Champion
Forums: Hubs Bankroll
Chat: Bernard Lee on the WSOP, COVID-19, and “Poker Satellite Success”
Forums: Greedy on the River (PetVet)
Chat: Bernard Lee on the WSOP, COVID-19, and “Poker Satellite Success”
Forums: Greedy on the River (PetVet)
Chat: Jason Su on Presence & Profit 
Forums: Dealing with Limpers (Chappo)
REC Room: Taylor and Chris
Chat: Sarah Herring on the WSOP, Motherhood, Dan Blizerian, Vanessa Kade and More
Forums: Hold’em Variations (MarblesJam)
Chat: Ashley Adams on the Stories Collected Playing Poker Around the World
Forums Big Blind Defense (FiveByFive)
Chat: Chris Jones sharing about the Post-Flop Betting Lines Seminar
Forums Isolation Shove (@Chappo)
Chat Elliot Roe on the Intentionality of Developing a Winning Mindset
Forums Overbets (@FiveByFive)
Chat Tommy Angelo on Playing Out of Position, His Best Day and Harmonicas
Forum on Final Table Set (@Gloves1010)
REC Room: Study and Game Selection – Jim and Troy
Jonathan Little on Exploiting Low Stakes Tournaments 
Forum on Big Tournament Review
Panel Discusses Board Texture, A Review of the February Seminar
Forum On Autopilot Error (@Rabman50)
Maria Ho
Forum On Turn Equity (@Chappo)
Starr Valdez
REC Room: HUD and Hand Review – Jim and Matt
Ryan Laplante and Playing Live Again
Forum on Taking a Shot (@Jamin96)
Tells and Reads, A Review of the January Seminar 
Forum On TT Preflop (@Chappo)
Duncan Palamourdas on Mathematics of poker
Forum on JJ Preflop (@Michael)
Lexy Gavin
Forum on Monotone Flop Shove (@MonkieSystem)
Chris and Taylor in the REC Room: ICM Spot
Farid Jattin
Forum on Polarizing Actions (@MonkieSystem)
Seminar on Playing Draws
Forum On Scary Action With A Set (@Veaner85)
Samuli Sipila On PLO Strategy
Forum on Bet Sizing (@EANDERSON85)
Sky Matsuhashi
Forum on Donking (@PetVet)
Big Announcement about Farid Jattin Training & Community Chat
Forum on Flipping (@MonkieSystem)
Matt and Jim in The REC Room Small Blind Value
Michael Acevedo
Forum on Facing Aggression Postflop (@Jamin96)
3-Betting Seminar Sample
Forum on QQ PreFlop
Robbie Strazynski & Bruce Briggs
Reacting to Our Mistakes (@ARW)
Jonathan Little
High Frequency C-Bets (@MonkieSystem)
Dara O’Kearney
Preflop Craziness in Cash Game (@Binkley)
Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace
The River Bluff (@TaylorMaas)
Lynn Gilmartin
ICM Considerations at Final Table (@CaptainWalleye)
Matt Matros
Forum on Betting Patterns Blind vs Blind (@Jim)
Dutch Boyd
Forum on Value Sizing (@Yamel)
Ryan Laplante
Chad Holloway
Forum on River Bluff – Catching (@ARW)
Jack Laskey & Zach Resnick
Forum on Facing Microbets (@MonkieSystem)
Matt Hunt (Part 2 of 2)
Forum On Note – Taking (@Wojami)
Matt Hunt (Part 1 of 2)
Forum on Hand-Ranging (@Raisy_Daisy)
Blake Bohn
Clayton Fletcher
Maria Konnikova
Gareth James
Jason Su
New Website & the RecPoker Community
Adam Friedman
Christ Moneymaker
Bluffing – from the RecPoker July seminar
Facing frequent shoves in online tournaments
Ben Hayles & Merv Harvey from Postflop Poker
Nate Meyvis on Philosophy and AQ from Early Position
Jen Shahade
Zach Elwood Talks Tells
Pandemic Check-In & ACR AK Hand by RecPoker
Hand From Russia SHRB
Elliot Roe
Online Poker
Brad Wilson
Bernard Lee
Strategy and RecPoker Day
Maria Ho
Ed Miller
K L Cleeton
Dara O’Kearney
Fedor Holz
John Reading
The Poker Guys
BONUS – Lynn Gilmartin And Australian Brush Fires
Hand History, Straight Draws, and 2020 Plans
Listener Questions, MSPT
Ryan Laplante 
Listener Questions & Hand Histories
Poker League of Nations
Adam Friedman – Mixed Games – Part 1Part 2
Tommy Angelo amd Lee Jones
Alec Torelli
Hands from the Fall Poker Classic
Daniel Negreanu
Jonathan Little
Content Sampler
Matt Hamilton Ax Suited From Blinds
Free Poker Network (FPN) Crushers
Steve Fredlund & the RecPoker Vision
Andrew Brokos – Facing Limpers
The Future of RecPoker
Greg Raymer
Tommy Angelo: Part 1Part 2
Matt Matros
Women in Poker parts 1-6: Lexy Gavin & Tiffany LeeEileen SuttonDaiva Byrne, Jen Shahade, Part 5: Sarah Herring, Katie Stone, Maureen BloechlingersKasey Lyn Mills
Jared Tendler
Andrew Brokos discusses strategy & a hand history
Peyton Smith Discusses Hands
Community Chat – Various Topics
Matt Stout & Lexy Gavin with CSOP
Flopping Trips then facing tricky spots
James “SplitSuit”” Sweeney hand review & discussion
Robbie Strazynski
Sky Matsuhashi hand review
Discussion group on variety of topics
Emanuel & Group AK, TT
Community Group discussing JJ hand & satellites
Sky Matsuhashi playing JT
Hand History: Chris “Fox” WallaceSky MatsuhashiBrian SojaSarah HerringKenna James
Sky Matsuhashi Interview
Community Groups & Expert Hand Review
Chris “Fox” Wallace from iNinja talking about c-betting & resurrection
Player Panel with Max, Matt, Ian & Alan
Steve’s Enhanced Pre-Flop Ranges
5 Ways to Destroy Tournament Results
Approaching a Tournament
Strategy Build – Playing StyleDeep Stack Size, UTG RangeGTO vs. ExploitativeUTG, GTO Preflop SourcesBerkey on GTOOpening Ranges in Preservation PhaseReactions to Opening RangesResponse to LimpersPreflop with Raise Before,
Complete Pre-flop Summary
Sheree Bykofsky
Kenna James
Fox & The INinja Resurrection
Craig Casino
Mike Schneider again Part 1 & Part 2
Sara Herring & Vegas Recap
Alec Torelli
James “Splitsuit” Sweeney
Dr. Tricia Cardner
Jordan Young
Gareth James
Jonathan Little Part 1 & Part 2
Matt Berkey Part 1 & Part 2
No Limit Tournament Paradigm
Staking & Investing Plus Tipping
Post-Flop Bet Sizing
Pre-Flop Bet Sizing At A Loose Table
Adjusting for Fast, Small Buy-In Tournaments
Steve’s Running Aces Pot O’ Gold Experience
Big Stack End of Day 1 & on Bubble
Big Stack Early & Middle of Tournament
AK In A Weird Spot
KQ Full House Tough Spot
AQ Suited UTG Scenario
A5 Suited Scenario
KQ Suited Scenario
Toughest Spots
Steve’s Key Learnings
Small Pocket Pairs
Suited 97 from Jason
Tilt Control
Steve Butchers KJ
Wearing Sunglasses & Hoodies
Post Flop as a pre-flop caller
Preflop Considerations: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Nearing The Bubble
Jonathan Little Book: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Chris Hanson, Jim LeVoir
Kou Vang Interview
Mark Hodge Interview
Q&A with Rec Players
Steve Olson Interview
Hand review 666 on scary board
Hand review AQ button with 3-bet before
Hand review AJ in BB with 2 limpers
Continuation Betting (Rec Discussion)
Brian Soja Interview
Chris “Fox” Wallace Interview
Zach Elwood Interview
Hunter Cichy Interview
Mike Schneider Interview
Jonathan Kim Interview
Aaron Johnson Interview
Jason Seitz Interview
Vlad Revniaga Interview
All-In For Africa VI Recap
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