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HarnessLink – “Running Aces Night of Champions in the books” 9/19/22
HarnessLink – “Three $25,000 Invitationals held at Running Aces” 9/18/22
USTA – “Running Aces kicks off closing weekend Friday” 9/16/22
USTA – “Stellar meet for Luke Plano at Running Aces” 9/16/22
HarnessLink – “El’s Disco Johnny dances to victory in Open” 9/15/22
USTA – “Alvarez and Hernandez are a winning team at Running Aces” 9/13/22
USTA – “Tink And Tiger makes final career start at Running Aces Sunday” 9/11/22
HarnessLink – “Minnesota-breds prep for Night of Champions” 9/10/22
USTA – “Jenson, Plano split a six pack of wins at Aces on Thursday” 9/9/22
USTA – “Graceful Horizon scores sharp win in Aces distaff feature” 9/5/22
USTA – “Five for Plano, six for I’m A Skoldier at Running Aces” 9/2/22
HarnessLink – “Late rally works out for A Major Omen” 9/1/22
USTA – “A Major Omen, Iron Sharpens Iron take Tuesday features at Aces” 8/31/22
USTA – “Mandeville, Rockin With Lou dazzle in Aces features” 8/29/22
USTA – “Banner night for Brady Jenson at Running Aces” 8/26/22
USTA – “Iron Sharpens Iron, A Major Omen grab Tuesday headlines at Aces” 8/24/22
HarnessLink – “Seasonal handle mark eclipsed at Running Aces” 8/24/22
USTA – “Record handle, upset winner highlight Ron Banks Memorial card at Aces” 8/22/22
HarnessLink – “Running Aces set for Ron Banks Memorial” 8/22/22
USTA – “Eight for Curvsreasyondaeyes, five for Plano at Aces Thursday” 8/19/22
HarnessLink – “Dean Magee steals the show with five winners” 8/18/22
HarnessLink – “Aces increases purses by 20 per cent, adds invitationals” 8/17/22
USTA – “Running Aces announces purse increase, added feature events” 8/16/22
USTA – “Rockin With Lou, Bettor Trix N both dazzle in Banks eliminations at Aces” 8/15/22
USTA – “Jenson triples up, takes feature at Aces” 8/12/22
USTA – “Caliber back on top at Aces, grand slam for Jenson” 8/10/22
HarnessLink – “Gould pilots Big Rusty to career best score” 8/6/22
USTA – “Shadowfax pays big in Aces feature” 8/2/22
USTA – “Shadow Fax impresses again at Aces” 8/1/22
HarnessLink – “Another sires stakes win for unbeaten sophomore” 7/30/22
USTA – “I’m A Skoldier, Curvsreasyondaeyes shine in MN-sired action at Aces” 7/29/22
HarnessLink – “Track record tied at Running Aces” 7/28/22
USTA – “Freshman son of Banker Volo ties track mark at Aces” 7/27/22
USTA – “A Major Omen pulls a major upset in Dan Patch FFA at Running Aces” 7/25/22
HarnessLink – “Top Alberta mare takes Aces debut” 7/23/22
HarnessLink – “Pridecrest back on top at Running Aces” 7/12/22
HarnessLink – “Always Choose Chip top mare at Aces” 7/8/22
HarnessLink – “High Caliber mile in Aces Open” 7/7/22
USTA – “CR Promise To You delivers big win in Aces sophomore trot feature” 7/4/22
USTA – “Hottieonthehorizon dazzles in Aces distaff feature” 7/1/22
USTA – “Dean Magee hits 5,000 win milestone Tuesday at Running Aces” 6/29/22
USTA – “Fourteen horses nominated to Dan Patch FFA at Running Aces” 6/28/22
USTA – “All American N repeats in Wiseman Memorial” 6/28/22
USTA – “Favorites draw well in Wiseman Trot Final at Running Aces” 6/26/22
USTA – “Luke Plano has a big night at Running Aces” 6/23/22
USTA – “Saddle Up rides high in Aces feature pace” 6/22/22
USTA – “Susie’s Sister, All American N top Wiseman Trot elims at Running Aces” 6/20/22
USTA – “Gottalovemyshadow ultra game in Aces distaff feature” 6/17/22
USTA – “Caliber, Saddle Up capture Aces features” 6/15/22
USTA – “$15,000 instant guarantee, record handle at Running Aces” 6/14/22
USTA – “Pridecrest doubles up in Aces top trot” 6/13/22
USTA – “Search The Sea sails to series sweep in Burning Blaze final” 6/10/22
USTA – “Lightning strikes for Alilthundadownunda in Aces feature” 6/8/22
HarnessLink – “19-1 Pridecrest powers by field in Open Trot” 6/7/22
HarnessLink – “Steve Wiseman Memorial draws 13 to compete” 6/1/22
HarnessLink – “Trotters in limelight at Running Aces” 5/31/22
USTA – “Late Pick-4 guarantee to increase at Running Aces” 5/29/22
USTA – “Shesureissomething shines in distaff feature at Aces” 5/27/22
USTA – “Alilthundadownunda captures Aces feature” 5/25/22
USTA – “Mandeville up in time in Aces feature” 5/23/22
USTA – “Minnesota native Lemoyne Svendsen off to fast start at Running Aces” 5/23/22
USTA – “Rojo Caliente rallies for Aces feature win” 5/20/22
USTA – “Way To Close wires field in Aces feature” 5/18/22
USTA – “Pair of pacers remembered with series names at Running Aces” 5/17/22
USTA – “Hearduwhispermynam captures opening feature at Aces” 5/16/22
HarnessLink – “Running Aces set with new post time” 5/13/22
USTA – “Historic Night of Champions in the books at Running Aces” 9/19/21
USTA – “Championship consolations held at Running Aces Friday” 9/18/21
USTA – “$7,500 Guaranteed Pick-5 highlights closing day at Running Aces” 9/18/21
USTA – “Running Aces set for closing weekend and championships” 9/17/21
USTA – “Trainer Dan Roland is soaring to new heights at Running Aces” 9/16/21
USTA – “Numbered Account impressive in Aces feature” 9/15/21
USTA – “Bringoverthemoney dazzles with season’s fastest trot at Aces” 8/30/21
USTA – “Oneida Blue Chip takes Aces feature” 8/27/21
USTA – “So So De Vie was so so good in Tuesday Aces feature” 8/25/21
USTA – “Shes A Showstopper, Anna B both dazzle on Thursday at Aces” 8/20/21
USTA – “Wiseman Memorial Trot set for Sunday at Aces” 8/20/21
USTA – “Pridecrest surges to win Aces feature” 8/16/21
USTA – “Maze finds winning path in sophomore pace at Running Aces” 8/13/21
USTA – “Castle Flight takes Running Aces feature” 8/11/21
USTA – “The Royal Queen, SB Sampson’s Ridge both triple up at Aces” 8/9/21
USTA – “Datsyukian Deke shoots and scores in freshman ‘B’ Pace at Aces” 8/6/21
USTA – “Four wins apiece for Luke Plano, Dean Magee at Aces” 8/4/21
USTA – “Steve Wiseman Memorial Trot set for Aug. 22 at Running Aces” 8/4/21
USTA – “Running Aces announces 15 percent purse increase” 8/2/21
USTA – “Rockin With Lou rolls in Aces feature” 7/23/21
USTA – “Castle Flight gets up in Aces feature” 7/21/21
USTA – “Rush To The Bank wins again, Plano bags five wins at Aces” 7/19/21
HarnessLink – “So So De Vie much the best at Running Aces” 7/15/21
USTA – “So So De Vie takes feature; Roland wins four at Running Aces” 7/14/21
USTA – “Edward Hernandez is hitting his best stride as a trainer at Running Aces” 7/14/21
HarnessLink – “Hottieonthehorizon dazzles at Running Aces” 7/10/21
USTA – “Hottieonthehorizon dazzles in Running Aces feature” 7/9/21
USTA – “Tony Kerwood notches 5,000th win on Tuesday at Running Aces” 7/7/21
USTA – “Mandatory payout for Aces Pick-5 Tuesday night Aces to hold Ron Banks Memorial” 7/6/21
HarnessLink – “Aces to hold Ron Banks Memorial” 7/6/21
HarnessLink – “2YO’s in spotlight at Running Aces” 7/3/21
USTA – “RB, Anna B, Alilthundadownunda take headlines at Running Aces” 7/2/21
USTA – “Running Aces announces mandatory payout of Pick-5 Jackpot pool” 7/1/21
USTA – “Susie’s Sister posts track record at Aces” 6/28/21
HarnessLink – “Roland grabs both Running Aces features” 6/26/21
USTA – “Always Be Lucy, Alilthundadownunda sharp again for Roland in Aces features” 6/25/21
HarnessLink – “Two drivers dominate at Running Aces” 6/24/21
USTA – “Hernandez scores one-two punch in Aces feature” 6/23/21
USTA – “Pridecrest takes Aces Open Trot feature” 6/21/21
USTA – “Alilthundadownunda, Always Be Lucy score big at Aces” 6/18/21
USTA – “SB Bodacious dominates again at Aces” 6/16/21
USTA – “Stuckey Dote continues to be a Minnesota pacing force year after year” 6/15/21
USTA – “Edward Hernandez is hitting his best stride as a trainer at Running Aces” 6/14/21
USTA – “Hottieonthehorizon, Anna B hit wire together in Aces feature” 6/11/21
USTA – “Giggle Monster, Stuckey Dote make headlines at Running Aces” 6/9/21
USTA – “Luke Plano wins four, including two features, at Running Aces” 6/7/21
USTA – “Alilthundadownunda suges late to win at Running Aces” 6/4/21
USTA – “Magee trained Exacta in Aces feature as SB Bodacious repeats” 6/2/21
USTA – “Rush To The Bank extends winning streak to nine” 5/31/21
USTA – “Its Pacific Time tops open mares at Aces” 5/28/21
USTA – “SB Bodacious sensational in Aces feature” 5/26/21
USTA – “Roland wins three; sweeps Aces features” 5/24/21
HarnessLink – “Trowshu Racing finds fun and success” 5/24/21
HarnessLink – “Giggle Monster still on top in North America” 5/22/21
USTA – “Oneida Blue Chip dazzles in Mares Open at Running Aces” 5/21/21
USTA – “Frewil Dakota Sven best of all in Aces feature” 5/19/21
USTA – “Burning Blaze makes Aces return Tuesday night” 5/18/21
USTA – “Mandeville dominates Aces opening night feature” 5/17/21
USTA – “Bordogna takes on strong field in Aces opening feature” 5/15/21
HarnessLink – “Scicluna dominates closing card at Running Aces” 10/6/20
USTA – “Free Radical romps in Running Aces closing day feature” 10/5/20
HarnessLink – “Three straight championships for Twilight Tinker” 10/4/20
USTA – “Minnesota Day of Champions is historic” 10/4/20
HarnessLink – “$540,000 in purses at Running Aces” 10/2/20
USTA – “Cutting scores grand slam and takes Aces feature” 9/30/20
HarnessLink – “Three Kiwi imports separated by a neck” 9/30/20
USTA – “SB Madam Secretary delivers big winning performance at Running Aces” 9/28/20
HarnessLink – “A new career mark for Scarlett Ruby” 9/27/20
HarnessLink – “Top trainers at Running Aces include rising stars” 9/26/20
HarnessLink – “Rush To The Bank rolls to five in a row” 9/24/20
USTA – “Shesureissomething rolls to four wins in a row at Running Aces” 9/20/20
HarnessLink – “Mandeville goes coast to coast at Aces” 9/17/20
USTA – “My Kiwi Lady N draws away in Running Aces feature” 9/15/20
HarnessLink – “Hearduwhispermynam wins second straight feature” 9/14/20
HarnessLink – “Hoo Nien A draws away at Running Aces” 9/13/20
USTA – “Nat A Cam scores at Running Aces for 99-year-old owner Keith Carey” 9/9/20
USTA – “Another Beach Day takes Aces feature” 9/8/20
HarnessLink – “Hearduwhispermynam takes new track mark” 9/7/20
HarnessLink – “Co-feature races at Running Aces” 9/6/20
HarnessLink – “My Kiwi Lady N wires field at Running Aces” 9/3/20
USTA – “Heza Real Diamond shines again in Aces feature” 8/30/20
HarnessLink – “Banker Volo passes at age 11” 8/27/20
HarnessLink – “Twilight Sunset remains undefeated” 8/26/20
HarnessLink – “It’s Pacific Time steamrolls to seen in a row” 8/22/20
USTA – “It’s Pacific Time steamrolls to seen in a row” 8/22/20
USTA – “Pridecrest back on top at Running Aces” 8/18/20
HarnessLink – “Susie’s Sister matches her full sister’s track mark at Running Aces” 8/16/20
HarnessLink – “Perfect day for trainer Gene Miller at Running Aces” 8/15/20
HarnessLink – “Mandeville just misses tying track record” 8/12/20
HarnessLink – “Hearduwhispermynam trots to two in a row” 8/11/20
HarnessLink – “Two big pacing events at Running Aces” 8/9/20
USTA – “Something To Me, Banker Volo dazzle at Aces” 8/4/20
HarnessLink – “SB Madame Secretary back on top” 8/3/20
HarnessLink – “Hoo Nien A dominates at Running Aces” 8/2/20
USTA – “Bordogna remains unbeaten in 2020” 7/29/20
HarnessLink – “Teachmehowtotory shines again at Running Aces” 7/27/20
USTA – “Braxten Boyd steers Wizzel Stix to 80-1 shocker” 7/25/20
HarnessLink – “Cutting gets up in time with Five Card Draw N” 7/22/20
HarnessLink – “Teachmehowtotory captures Sunday feature” 7/20/20
HarnessLink – “Make is a six-pack for Nick Roland” 7/15/20
USTA – “Keep On Rocking A rolls to three in a row at Running Aces” 7/13/20
USTA – “Its A Marcs World dominates at Running Aces” 7/12/20
HarnessLink – “Open Pace co-features at Running Aces” 7/8/20
HarnessLink – “Running Aces feature to My Uncle Cuz” 7/6/20
HarnessLink – “Always Be Lucy steals the show” 7/1/20
HarnessLink – “Bordogna Surges to 5 in a row” 6/29/20
HarnessLink – “Nick Roland hits a grand slam” 6/28/20
USTA – “Wiseman scores $58.80 upset at Running Aces” 6/24/20
USTA – “Keep on Rocking A takes the Tuesday feature at Running Aces” 6/24/20
USTA – “Bordogna and Rick Magee shatter track record at Running Aces” 6/22/20
USTA – “Night Delight and Dean Magee wire the field in Running Aces season opener” 6/20/20
Star Tribune – “Running Aces opens 50-day harness racing season Saturday” 6/19/20
USTA – “Running Aces opens 13th season this weekend” 6/19/20
HarnessLink – “QKS Racing and Schneider Stables are ready” 6/18/20
USTA – “QKS Racing and Schneider Stables are ready for their Running Aces debut” 6/17/20
HarnessLink – “Rice Lake track is teeming with hopefuls” 6/17/20
USTA – “Rice Lake track is teeming with Running Aces hopefuls” 6/16/20
HarnessLink – “Wiseman doing ‘Whatever It Takes’ to beat cancer” 6/16/20
USTA – “Steve Wiseman getting back on track at Running Aces” 6/15/20
Fox 9 – “Running Aces Casino reopens in Columbus, Minnesota” 6/15/20
HarnessLink – “Strong close to Running Aces season” 9/15/19
USTA – “Real Gorgeous roll to five in a row with fastest mile ever at Running Aces” 9/9/19
HarnessLink – “Top Notch wins in thrilling Open at Running Aces” 9/9/19
HarnessLink – “Burning Blaze rolls to 2 in a row at Running Aces” 9/2/19
USTA – “Steve Wiseman reaches 3,000 career driving wins on Tuesday at Running Aces” 8/28/19
USTA – “Burning Blaze impressive with new career mark at Running Aces” 8/18/19
HarnessLink – “Burning Blaze impressive with new career mark” 8/17/19
USTA – “Roland gets MD Magic and Firedrake up in time at Running Aces” 8/19/19
HarnessLink – “Roland gets MD Magic and Firedrake up to win” 8/20/19
USTA – “SB Madam Secretary and Amasa Arion dazzle the crowd at Running Aces” 8/21/19
HarnessLink – “SB Madam Secretary sets track record” 8/22/19
HarnessLink – “Sweet Vivian upsets at Running Aces” 8/11/19
USTA – “Delightfully Wild and Nick Roland steal te show at Running Aces” 8/7/19
HarnessLink – “Make it seven straight wins for Nine Ways” 8/6/19
USTA – “Nine Ways aces the competition again in Minnesota” 8/5/19
USTA – “Dean Magee surpasses $30 million in career purses” 8/4/19
HarnessLink – ““Mary” and Rick Magee tops at Running Aces” 8/1/19
USTA – “PV Miracle Mary, Rick Magee Top Tuesday Headlines at Running Aces” 7/31/19
USTA – “Fox Valley Nemitz resilient winner of Running Aces Sunday feature” 7/29/19
USTA – “Minnesota-sired 3-year-old pacers featured at Running Aces” 7/28/19
USTA – “Juslikeaqueen back on top in Mares Open at Running Aces” 7/24/19
USTA – “Stuckey Dote, My Uncle Cuz score in features at Running Aces” 7/21/19
USTA – “Nine Ways repeats as Dan Patch champion at Running Aces in track record time” 7/22/19
USTA – “Field set for Running Aces’ Dan Patch Final” 7/20/19
Star Tribute – “At the Running Aces racetrack, hooves pound, manes fly and the Cadillac rolls” 7/19/19
USTA – “PV Miracle Mary tops Tuesday feature at Running Aces” 7/15/19
USTA – “Nine Ways posts track record with Dan Patch elimination win at Running Aces” 7/15/19
USTA – “Windmeupnwatchmego wires field in Running Aces feature” 7/14/19
HarnessLink – “Juslikeaqueen now a perfect 3-for-3″ 7/11/19
USTA – “She’sgotitgoingon is spectacular in lifetime debut at Running Aces” 7/8/19
HarnessLink – “Winning Lyric enjoys victory song” 7/8/19
USTA – “Watch and Wager partners with Running Aces as sponsor of 2019 Dan Patch FFA Pace” 7/3/19
USTA – “Juslikeaqueen rolls to two in a row at Running Aces with leading driver Dean Magee” 7/3/19
HarnessLink – “Headliners deliver big at Running Aces” 7/2/19
HarnessLink – “Urgointohearmeroar dazzels running track record” 7/1/19
HarnessLink – “2019 Dan Patch FFA nominees announced” 6/29/19
HarnessLink – “Juslikeaqueen surges lat to win” 6/27/19
USTA – “MD Magic back in top form at Running Aces” 6/24/19
USTA – “A Little Rusty make it two in a row at Running Aces” 6/23/19
USTA – “Place N First lives up to her name in Running Aces feature” 6/19/19
USTA – “Bettor’s Promise upsets North Metro Pace field at Running Aces” 6/17/19
HarnessLink – “Perfect night for trainer George Reider” 6/17/19
USTA – “Banker Volo wins inaugural Trout Air Trot at Running Aces” 6/15/19
HarnessLink – “Delightfully Wild refused to lose” 6/13/19
HarnessLink – “Great harness racing action at Running Aces” 6/15/19
HarnessLink –  “Fox Valley Nemitz takes feature in 1:52” 6/10/19
Standardbred Canada – “SB Bodacious Impresses in MN” 6/9/19
USTA – “Holdingallthecards makes it two in a row at Running Aces” 6/5/19
USTA – “Nominations coming due for Dan Patch at Running Aces” 6/4/19
USTA – “Bringoverthemoney back to his winning ways at Running Aces” 6/3/19
USTA – “Stay Humble N Kind maiden victory is win 2,900 for Gerald Longo” 6/2/19
USTA – “Cenalta Diamond razer sharp again in Mares Open at Running Aces” 5/29/19
USTA – “Banker Volo back on top at Running Aces” 5/27/19
HarnessLink – “SB Bodacious now 2-for-2” 5/27/19
USTA – “Bob Schiewe announced as incoming Deputy Director” 5/24/19
USTA – “Running Aces announces details for Dan Patch Pace” 5/23/19
USTA – “Historic Dan Patch-era sulky relocated to Running Aces” 5/23/19
USTA – “Cenalta Diamond captures Mares Open at Running Aces” 5/22/19
USTA – “Large carryover for Running Aces Hi-5 wager” 5/21/19
USTA – “Draw schedule change at Running Aces” 5/21/19
USTA – “Silverlode makes it six in a row with Aces victory” 5/20/19
HarnessLink – “Stuckey Dote delivers in opening night feature” 5/19/19
HarnessLink – “Running Aces set for opening weekend” 5/18/19
HarnessLink – “Night of Champions big success at Running Aces” 9/17/18
HarnessLink – “Gold Star Mysti scores again at Running Aces” 9/13/18
USTA – “Running Aces offers $100,000 guaranteed pool in Pick-5 on Night of Champions”  9/12/18
USTA – “Gold Star Mysti caps off Aces season with another win” 9/12/18
HarnessLink – “Bestinthebusiness up in time in Aces Open Pace” 9/10/18
HarnessLink – “Running Aces gearing up for Night of Champions” 9/9/18
HarnessLink – “Dewey’s Machine captures Minnesota 2yo trot” 9/6/18
HarnessLink – “Whatchyastarinat impressive at Running Aces” 9/4/18
HarnessLink – “MD Magic rolls to 5 in a row at Running Aces” 8/30/18
HarnessLink – “Pridecrest sharp in Open Trot victory” 8/21/18
HarnessLink – “Holdingallthecards prevails over Firedrake in Open” 8/20/18
HarnessLink –  “Track records for Banker Volo and Holdingallthecards” 8/13/18
HarnessLink – “Gold Star Mysti is best again at Running Aces” 8/9/18
HarnessLink – “Bringoverthemoney dominates at Running Aces” 7/31/18
HarnessLink – “Stuckey Dote wins thrilling 4 horse photo” 7/30/18
USTA – “Field Set for Dan Patch FFA at Running Aces” 7/21/18
HarnessLink – “NAHU, Running Aces to give away Hambo trip” 7/13/18
HarnessLink – “Trashytonguetalker sizzles in Dan Patch elims” 7/10/18
USTA – “Dan Patch FFA eliminations set to go at Running Aces” 7/7/18
Harness Link – “Delightfully Wild scores in Mares Open” 7/5/18
HarnessLink – “Pridecrest by a nose in Running Aces trot record” 7/1/18
USTA – “Gold Star Mysti repeats in Mares Open Paces at Running Aces” 6/27/18
HarnessLink – “Firedrake & Banker Volo on top at Running Aces” 6/26/18
USTA – “Gold Star Mysti Dominates at Running Aces” 6/20/18
HarnessLink – “Another track record for Silverlode at Running Aces” 6/17/18
USTA – “Last call for entries to Dan Patch FFA at Running Aces” 6/13/18
USTA – “Cantholdmebackmack makes it two in a row at Running Aces” 6/13/18
USTA – “To The Limit wins thrilling Open Pace at Running Aces” 6/11/18
HarnessLink – “I’m On A Terror is Best at Running Aces” 6/9/18
USTA – “Running Aces Announces $90,000 in Upcoming Featured Events” 6/7/18
USTA – “Steve Wiseman Wins Five at Running Aces” 6/4/18
USTA – “North American Harness Update Adds Tour Dates” 6/4/18
HarnessLink – “Silverlode Trots to New Track Record” 6/3/18