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Bingo is a great game for everyone to relax, have fun, and win big!

Guaranteed $99 payouts, bonuses, and a progressive coverall!

Etiquette for Bingo First-Timers

Get Here Early: Give yourself a chance to get a scope of the room and find a seat you’ll be most comfortable in whether that’s close to the caller or further in the back of the room.
Be Respectful of Others– A little chit chat is fine but make sure you’re not distracting the other players or keeping anyone from hearing the numbers being called. 
Have Fun: It’s frustrating when you’re SO close to winning but someone else gets there first. Remember, it’s not the fault of the caller or the other bingo players. Shake it off and get yourself ready for the next round!
Stay Focused: You don’t want to miss out on your winning number getting called because you weren’t paying close attention. 
Double Check: When a number is called, repeat it to yourself first before marking it down. You don’t want to accidentally call out a false bingo