Rec Poker Podcast

Hosted by Steve Fredlund

Steve is a recreational Texas Hold'em tournament player and regular at Running Aces Casino & Racetrack. Unable to find a podcast to improve his game that fit his learning style, he decided to start his own.  After playing with several different formats, he settled in to a weekly release leveraging the knowledge and insight from many of the best players in Minnesota.  The goal of the podcast is to improve the number and quality of players, with the added bonus of getting to know many of the players.  While the first round of interviews spends some time getting into backgrounds, the heart of the podcast will be to provide specific strategic information to help recreational players improve their game.
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Current Episode

Episode 76: No Limit Tournament Paradigm

I have been playing tournament poker recreationally for 6 years and feel like I have been learning strategy piecemeal as I have increased how much I play.  However, I often feel like I’m lacking an overall approach to the game; like some of the tools I have in different situations are not really congruent with each other; like they don’t necessarily fit into an overall strategy -- and  I am wired with a need to have an overall construct or framework upon which everything else is built.  So, I’m curious if you have a general overall strategy when it comes to tournaments upon which all the tools fit into -- and, if so, how would you describe that overall strategy.  Another way to think about this would be if you were advising a brand new player and you wanted to give them some high level, overall strategic thoughts about how to approach a tourney - what would you say? And how would you have them start building their skills on that overall framework?

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