Rec Poker Podcast

Hosted by Steve Fredlund

Steve is a recreational Texas Hold'em tournament player and regular at Running Aces Casino & Racetrack. Unable to find a podcast to improve his game that fit his learning style, he decided to start his own.  After playing with several different formats, he settled in to a weekly release leveraging the knowledge and insight from many of the best players in Minnesota.  The goal of the podcast is to improve the number and quality of players, with the added bonus of getting to know many of the players.  While the first round of interviews spends some time getting into backgrounds, the heart of the podcast will be to provide specific strategic information to help recreational players improve their game.
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Current Episode

Episode 66: AK In A Weird Spot

This situation is the second of two submitted by Doug Behrens.  It is broken down by Jonathan Little & Mike Schneider as well as host Steve Fredlund and other recreation players Steve Olson, Taylor Maas, and Andy Kaplan.
1.Level 7
2.19800 chips average 32k, blinds 50, 250, 500
3.All action preflop
4.I BB AhKh
5.UTG opens to 2000 from 35k
6.UTG+1 raises to 5000
7.Button calls
8.I call
9.UTG raises to 10k
10.UTG+1 and button call
11.I raise all in
12.UTG folds
13.UTG+1 calls
14.Button calls
15.Flop 8, 9, 10 rainbow
16.UTG+1 shoves all in, button calls also all in
17.UTG+1 shows 88, Button shoes 6h7h
18.Turn ace, river J

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